We are Yoga Reading. We are Katia and Sophie and Yoga Reading has grown out of our friendship and our total belief in the fact that movement makes you feel better. Every. Single. Time.

As we’ve built Yoga Reading, this belief has been moulded and elevated through our understanding that movement needs to be tailored to your body and your needs – which, guess what, change over time. What we need now in our 40’s is different from what we needed in our 20’s and we know this will continue to change. The skills we have built over the last ten years or so have equipped us with the knowledge of how to support our body’s to be strong and, most importantly, to improve our level of comfort. And this is what we want to share with the Yoga Reading community.

We want to provide the BEST quality teaching and information so that everyone can find the tools and techniques they need to support their busy lives and feel comfortable and strong in their bodies.

We have built a team of teachers to work with us to make sure that there’s a practice on our schedule for everyone. Between us we are skilled in yoga, meditation, injury prevention and reduction, rehabilitation, strength training, anxiety management, standing on your head and being able to sit very still!

Basically we have a lot of knowledge on what you can do to feel strong, find a sense of calm and manage the overwhelm of your busy week.

We know what it’s like to be juggling work, family, relationships and general external pressures (oh you know like a global pandemic?!). It’s easy for your health and self-care practices to drop by the wayside.

By joining the Yoga Reading community you are gaining access to best quality movement and mindfulness expertise and connecting with a warm community of teachers and students.