Autumn Extended Yin Session

With Lynette

4:00PM – 6:00PM
Cost: £25 (20% members discount)
Autumn Extended Yin Session - With Lynette
  • Date: 9th October
  • Time: 4:00PM – 6:00PM
  • Location: Yoga Reading
  • Cost: £25 (20% members discount)
Balance of the Lung/Large intestine meridians and organs and the Heart chakra 

As autumn creeps in, and the drier cooler air descends we come into the energy and emotions of the lung meridian.

It is definitely a time when we are fully supported to let go; just like the trees shedding their leaves, to naturally release things that we no longer need and make space for new growth in our lives. The more space we can make the more we will benefit from fresh growth come spring-time.

We can release all that’s past physically mentally and emotionally, keep the lessons and the wisdom, and emerge lighter and freer. The asana focus is on how we can incorporate the upper body’s fascial trains – arms and shoulders, chest and upper back.

Stimulating the Lung pathway gives us the opportunity to open our arms wide and let all that is past go and all that is stagnant and move through with each new breath we can invite in what we really want and need.

In this class  we will include some breath work, meditation and the healing practice of dropping into resting states where we conserving chi this autumn, with the soft and ambient lighting and warmth of the studio.