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Online Beginners Courses

We are passionate about our beginners’ courses. We have been teaching them for over 8 years. These courses are tried and tested and we are always adding to them to ensure we offer the best information and learning.

We always teach small groups (even online) so that you can get the most from them. We have developed these online courses so that you can still get the sense of connection you would get at the studio, from your home. We currently offer 2 beginners courses a Level 1 for yoga foundations and a level 2 for those wanting to build on these foundations.

What we always teach in our beginners’ courses:
Breath work – calming the mind and nervous system
Postures – flexibility, mobility. We use the Ashtanga Yoga system as a structure.
Strength – how to build a sustainable practice
Moving meditation – on breath and postures to help us feel fully absorbed and forget about our worries.

What’s included:

  • Weekly live zoom classes with your teacher and fellow students
  • Weekly emails which include the recorded Zoom class should you want to repeat
  • Weekly instructional videos made especially for this course to break down any techniques we learnt in class or to help you practice along with.
  • Email support during the entire course
  • £50 discount on your first month of YR membership (that’s £20 for access to over 60 live classes per month). 

Cost of our Beginners’ Courses: £60

Online Beginners Courses

Level 1

Wednesday 10th June
Maximum 10 students

In level 1 we will learn the importance of a sustainable yoga practice. We will learn simple breathing and meditation techniques. Mobility practices that will transform your body connection and support your yoga practice. We will learn Sun Salutation A and B and the first 4 standing poses. By the end of level 1 you should feel confident to attend any of our open level classes but you may wish to continue your journey to level 2.

Level 2

Standing poses and transitions
Tuesday 26th May
Maxiumum 10 students

In level 1 we learnt:

  • basic breathing techniques
  • some foundational mobility skills,
  • sun salutations
  • the first 4 postures of the Standing Sequence.

In Level 2 we will continue to learn the entire standing sequence and how to transition from pose to pose. We will learn the importance of syncing breath and movement together. By the end of level 2 you should feel confident to practice the standing poses either in a class or by yourself. And feel happy to join any of our online classes.

You can download the Ashtanga Primary Series Instructional card below