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Handstand Foundations

with Matt Hernandez-Green

Saturday 16th December


Workshop Description

This in-depth workshop will equip you with a method and tools to start and continue your handstand journey as you begin to understand that handstands are a whole-body asana.

  • Warming up for a handstand practice, including wrist and forearm health to ensure you are practicing safely.
  • Correct hand placement, gaze and head position, shoulder alignment, core and hip engagement/positioning, and leg and toe energy.
  • The 7 handstand key words: Fingers, Push, Tummy, Squeeze, Stay, Still, and More.

This workshop is suitable for: Anyone who is not afraid to get upside down; you will get the most out of the workshop if you are able to hold yourself up against the wall for 10 seconds. As a foundations workshop, you do not need to be able to balance or even know where to begin.

You will finish the workshop with an understanding of how to approach a handstand safely and with confidence, as well as how you can treat it as both an isolated practice and how to integrate it into your existing yoga practice.


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