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Heavenly Handstands Workshop

Heavenly Handstands

with Natalie Gartshore

Tips, Tricks and Training to Walk Out on your hands!

Saturday 24th June

Ever wondered why handstand is called Adho Mukha Vrksasana
Downward Facing Tree Pose?

In this workshop we’ll grow roots through our hands for happy handstands.
We’ll look at the biomechanics of the posture, using strengthening and opening drills for the key parts of the body involved in a safe steady balance. The most effective use of your breath and bandha (energy locks) will be explained in a no-nonsense way.

You’ll learn a progressive set of exercises that lead to a variety of ways to enter the pose, working in pairs and using (but not relying on) the wall. In the pairwork you’ll learn safe spotting and see how your partner’s body can be modified to achieve optimal alignment and handstand heaven!

Once your hands grow roots we’ll explore some creative variations, safe falling and how to walk out of this workshop on your hands!


About Natalie

Natalie Gartshore has been teaching yoga full time for over 12 years and has a personal Mysore ashtanga practice spanning over 16 years. She has been happily hand balancing for the last 8 years. She sends love and gratitude to Guruji, Sharath Jois and Phillippa Asher, Eileen Gaultier and Hamish Hendry for the joy Ashtanga has given her. She owes her perfectly straight handstand to Dutch acrobats Fons and Niko, and the renowned gymnast and circus performer Sianna. For her ability to turn hand standing into a creative moving meditation she gives thanks to Ed Clarke of Tripsichore.