Reading's Yoga Community

About Yoga Reading

Yoga Reading was set up in 2008 by Sophie Cleere with the aim of bringing traditional ashtanga vinyasa yoga to Reading. Since then Yoga Reading has developed into an amazingly warm, dynamic and supportive community based near Caversham and with classes across other gyms and venues in Reading.

Katia Major first started practicing ashtanga with Sophie in 2010. After training in various forms of sport, she trained to teach ashtanga and yin yoga in 2014. Soon after that Sophie and Katia joined forces to develop Yoga Reading’s offer.

“Our philosophy focuses on providing yoga that is rooted in the lineage of the ashtanga tradition. We draw on the aspiration and focus of this specific yoga discipline whilst also ensuring that our classes are inclusive, safe and enjoyable.

Above all we aim to provide a safe and encouraging environment for individuals to grow and to develop the Yoga Reading community into a wider force for positive action in and around Reading. Our motto is Yoga Everywhere for Everyone and we firmly believe in the benefits that yoga can bring to everyone in their daily lives.”

Yoga Reading runs a varied schedule of classes each week including yin yoga, led ashtanga yoga as well as traditional Mysore-style classes (drawn directly from Mysore in India, the birthplace of ashtanga yoga). We regularly hold workshops with well-known teachers from around the world on specific subjects including focusing on aspects of the ashtanga series, mindfulness and the philosophy of yoga.

Our teachers also teach in other venues in London and Reading including Reading University’s Sportspark and London’s Triyoga venues.