Reading's Yoga Community

Sleep Better Workshop

with Risa Gabrielle

Saturday, 27th June

  • Date:Saturday, 27th June
  • Cost: £20.00 (£18 with YR membership)
  • Time: 11:00AM – 1:00PM
  • Location: 3 – 5 Cremyll Road, Caversham


About the Workshop:

How’s your sleep been lately? For many, our sleep is being challenged now more than ever. You might be experiencing vivid dreams, restless nights or just struggle to keep a sleep routine. You’re not alone. In this workshop, led by certified sleep therapist Risa Gabrielle, we will explore simple yet transformative techniques to improve your sleep.

Quality sleep is essential for everything in our lives, from our physical and mental health to our ability to manage stress and simply feel good on a day to day basis. Sleep also plays a major role in immunity.

During this workshop you will: 

  • Develop a better understanding of how sleep works, how you might be sabotaging your sleep without even knowing it and how you can positively affect your sleep
  • Learn practical, empowering tools that you can start using right away, including soothing breathing techniques, easy ways to get productive daytime rest and a bedtime yoga routine to help you sleep more deeply
  • We will also troubleshoot some common sleep problems and learn how to manage these
  • The workshop will end with a restorative yoga nidra (“yogic sleep”) meditation to leave you calm and rested.

You don’t have to suffer with bad sleep or being tired. There is a better way. Come learn how.

About Risa

Risa Gabrielle is a certified sleep therapist, clarity coach and yoga teacher. Her passion is empowering people to create sustainable changes, whether it’s improving your sleep, getting your body to move with more ease and less pain, or figuring out how to create a life you love. She comes to her sleep therapy work from a place of personal experience, having suffered with major sleep problems for years. Now her sleep has been completely transformed, and she loves nothing more than helping others to achieve quality sleep. She believes that sleep is our birthright, the most natural thing we can, and that you don’t have to suffer being tired all the time. Risa’s approach is down-to-Earth, intuitive and practical. Most of all, it’s about long-lasting solutions over quick fixes. risagabreille.com / risagabrielle@gmail.com / @risa_gabrielle