Reading's Yoga Community

Stu Girling

SATURDAY 15th June 2019

10:30- 5:30pm

Both workshops £80
or £45 for one if spaces are available.

Shoulder Joint and Related Postures

(A workshop for all)

Here we examine the shoulder girdle and shoulder joint, issues that influence range of motion and the potential for injury. Quite a few practitioners experience either restricted range of motion at this joint due to postural patterns, or pain during specific movements in yoga. We will consider common restrictions and how to work on them as well as alignment cues to find more comfort and help minimise the risk of repetitive strain issues. There will also be discussion and practical implementation of shoulder related postures such as, arm balances, down dog, chaturanga, binding, reverse prayer.

Personal Training Skills for Yoga Teachers

Using yoga anatomy to enhance the quality and effectiveness of personal yoga programs 

(A Workshop for Teachers Only)

This workshop is designed to provide the skills necessary for teachers to be able to tailor yoga programs to the needs of their personal clients. We are not talking Yoga Therapy but instead the ability to assess and determine how best to progress your student in the direction they desire or require.

It is clearly evident that we are not all made the same and along with that comes differences in strength, flexibility, endurance, psychology and much more. To raise the quality of your teaching and deliver the best programs for your students you need to be able to make informed decisions about where they are now and what is required to take them to the next level.

By providing specific skills in the following key areas this workshop aims to assist you in becoming a more professional and effective teacher:

  • Foundation in evaluating asana (postures)
  • Basics in body reading
  • Determining strength and restrictions in clients
  • Progressions and working with restrictions
  • Practical implementation of concepts
  • Guidelines on beneficial sequencing and program requirements