The Fundamentals of Healthy Breathing

with Melanie Cooper

  • Date: 9th – 10th September 2021
  • Cost: £270 Early Bird then £300 after 15th July 2021
  • Time: 10am – 5pm GMT
  • Location: 3 – 5 Cremyll Road, Caversham

This course blends the latest science behind healthy breathing and the ancient practice of Pranayama (yogic breath work) – how healthy breathing is the foundation for Pranayama and how, in turn, Pranayama can support healthy breathing.

Did you know that Pranayama can improve our immune system

1. It Reduces Stress

Stress can dampen our immune system through the excessive production of cortisol, and this is why we tend to get sick after high periods of stress. Pranayama has been shown to reduce stress and can activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This can reduce excesses of hormones such as cortisol in our system and so improve the immune system.

2. It balances Carbon Dioxide

When we practice Pranayama we are mostly breathing less. This can lead to more Carbon Dioxide being available in our system. Carbon Dioxide is often considered to be a waste product BUT it has many vitally important functions in the body. One of them is acting as an antioxidant buffer.

3. It Supports the Production Nitric Oxide

When we breath through the nose we produce Nitric Oxide. This is an incredibly important substance in the body with MANY actions but for our immune system it can protect against viruses, it’s antimicrobial and anti inflammatory

4. It can Improve Lymphatic flow

Our Lymphatic fluid plays a vital role in our immune system, it carries bacteria and other “invaders” to the lymph nodes for processing. Unlike the blood system the lymph doesn’t have a heart to pump it around the body, it’s pumped around by muscles and by the diaphragm. So, deep diaphragmatic breath with help the flow of lymph.

5. It Improves the blood Circulation

The heart by itself isn’t strong enough to pump all the blood all the way around the body, it’s helped by… you guessed it… the diaphragm. A strong healthy blood circulation will help with a healthy immune system as white blood cells will be transported around the body to where they are needed.

We will cover the science behind all this and how you can incorporate practices into your teaching and self practice to support health, and wellbeing.

In terms of philosophy, Pranayama is also considered to be the pathway to peace and meditation. It says in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika “when the Prana (breath) moves the chitta (mind) moves, when the prana is still the chita is still”. Pranayama is the practice of making the breath subtle and this can help to take us into amazing spaces of peace and calm.

We will cover:

  • the anatomy of healthy breathing
  • breath and the brain
  • breath and the immune system
  • breath and the nervous system
  • the benefits of Pranayama
  • the philosophy of Pranayama

We will practice and discover the theory behind several simple but powerful techniques

You can do this training as a practice immersion or with additional homework and teaching practice it can count as CPD hours

About Melanie

For more info about Melanie you can read her bio on her website HERE.