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Menarche Ceremony Workshop

Menarche Ceremony Workshop

with Tessa Sanderson + Sophie Cleere

Sunday 1st October 2-5pm

A time to reflect…to connect with your womb and deep femininity. Let go of what no longer serves you and share in a safe space together with other women. Finally an opportunity to experience your Menarche how you would have wished it to be and celebrate!


Sophie + Tessa are so excited to offering what they believe is an incredibly important opportunity to celebrate our rite of passage, so often forgotten in western culture.

The transition into womanhood (our first period) can be a time that many of us may prefer to forget or perhaps have less than positive memories about. By attending a menarche ceremony you have the opportunity to honour this time of your life fully now when you may not have had the opportunity previously.

This will be a truly special workshop run by experienced Yoga teachers and women’s group facilitators Tessa Sanderson + Sophie Cleere. Tessa facilitates the local Red Tent – a social gathering of women to talk about things we don’t normally talk about and Sophie holds Vital Woman Workshops and retreats. Both Sophie and Tessa share a huge passion for the reawakening of the divine feminine so we may journey back home to ourselves and find our own individual womb wisdom (our own inner Gurus!).

  • Cost: £30.00
  • Venue: Aroma House, 3-5 Cremyl Road, Caversham


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