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Designed to support
a work-life balance

We deliver corporate wellbeing days and regular sessions in office spaces tailored to fit around the working day.

Reduce tension – Increase creativity – Provide support

“Yoga Reading cater to the levels of the participants and enable progression. The classes are not only of great physical benefit but also to the mind, which is incredibly useful when dealing with the daily grind.”

Jenny – MWH Global

“It was helpful to remind myself of my posture at my desk, the importance of taking a few minutes to stretch, and I found it very relaxing. The rest of my working day felt a lot more relaxed and I also felt more productive.”

Rose – OIA

WELLBEING DAYS: Contact us for your quote

Wellbeing sessions that incorporate mindfulness, breath work, somatic and functional movement. These can be bespoke programmes designed in partnership with you.

MINDFULNESS: £80 a session

These sessions use breathing and meditation techniques to encourage high-quality relaxation and grounding. Ideal for combating stress.

YOGA: £80 a session for up to 20 people

We provide calm and dynamic classes. Calm classes hold poses for time and use breathing techniques to relax the body and mind. Dynamic classes lift the heart rate and tone the body.

To discuss our Workplace Wellbeing programmes.

The benefits to your organisation include:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and tension

  • Increased energy

  • Improved memory, focus and concentration

  • Improved posture

  • Improved overall health and vitality and therefore fewer days taken off due to ill health

All of which are known to contribute to increased employee motivation and performance levels, staff retention and an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Very often, in busy work places, it is so easy to get caught up in stresses and the hectic-ness of the office environment. It can be a struggle to give yourself a break during the working day and even when there is a break it is difficult to switch off your mind completely from what you have or have not done. That is why yoga in the workplace is brilliant!

Stuart – Thames Tower, Shared workspace, Reading

Join the list of progressive companies recognising the impact wellbeing makes to overall corporate performance.

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