We have been doing yoga in the workplace for about a month now and have been alternating between morning and lunch-time sessions. There are quite a few people within the office who have never experienced yoga before so holding it in the office makes it accessible to a much wider range of people. The classes with Yoga Reading cater to the levels of the participants and enable progression. They are not only of great physical benefit but also to the mind which is incredibly useful when dealing with the daily grind. It is easy to become immersed in the practice and strange to think that the office is just a couple of metres away! Body and mind is tested but also allowed to rest which is a great way to centre oneself at the start or middle of the day.

Very often, in busy work places, it is so easy to get caught up in stresses and the hectic-ness of the office environment. It can be a struggle to give yourself a break during the working day and even when there is a break it is difficult To switch off your mind completely from what you have or have not done. In our busy lives, we can also sometimes find it difficult to find the time to prioritise our bodies or use this as an excuse to avoid exercise. That is why yoga in the workplace is brilliant.

Yin and facilitated workshops

Dear Norman,
Thank you so much for the wonderful Yin Yoga class yesterday. It was great to see you and experience your teaching again.
At the end, you asked us to think about how we felt. I felt like I had been spoilt and looked after. Then I realised I had spoilt myself and looked after myself!

But you, Katia and Sophie facilitated that.

On Sophie

Dear Sophie,
Just wanted to send you a note of gratitude for laying the foundations of my yoga practise. I’ve continued to practise since coming to Wales and it’s quickly become a part of my daily life. I first came to you in the hope that Ashtanga would help me physically, so it has come as an enormous surprise how it is benefiting my mind and manner. I’m learning so much and taking those lessons into every corner of my life. So, thank you.

I joined Sophie’s Ashtanga yoga classes in October 2013 and have never looked back. I feel so lucky to have Yoga Reading on my doorstep and have authorised Ashtanga teachers.

Doing a regular yoga class with Sophie keeps me strong and supple. As a 49 year old it makes me really happy to be able to say that.

On Katia

Katia’s manner is really motivating and encouraging. She explains the benefits of the poses as we go through them which I find really useful and motivating. Her own enthusiasm and commitment is inspiring.

Keep up the excellent individual attention – I have learnt more in this class about the finer details of successful postures than from any other yoga teacher! I enjoy the talking – it keeps my mind from wandering, and the description of anatomy being used – helps with understanding the various parts of the body we use. I particularly enjoy hearing about the specific/wider health benefits associated with each posture (more of this may motivate me to try harder with the postures I find challenging!)

About Yoga Reading

The teachers and classes at Yoga Reading are fantastic. I feel like I learn something new every class I take and my practice has improved greatly. New to yoga or not, you couldn’t find better to support you along your yoga path.

I would highly recommend anyone wishing to learn a traditional form of yoga, as not only the teachers are great but experienced practitioners are welcoming and helpful. It’s perfect move towards holistic health, physically & mentally. My personal highlight of the week.

I started practicing Ashtanga at Yoga Reading more then 2 years ago and was immediately impressed with the atmosphere which was both focused and relaxed at the same time. The teachers are always approachable and the community is fantastic. We have had some of the world’s most renowned instructors coming to teach us and there are always more coming. Personally I feel that the combination of the regular practice and high quality teaching as well as individualised approach has helped me progress both physically in my yoga practice but also on a personal level in my understanding of the broader scope of yoga.

Yoga Reading provides a wonderfully supportive yoga experience and, even when I was starting out, I was always made welcome by both the teachers and the other students.

Yoga Reading classes make me feel about 2 inches taller, focused, calm and energised. I wish I could do one every day.

Good selection of class times during the week. Only place to get real Ashtanga instruction in local area. Fairly steady and predictable timetable allowing the development of a weekly personal routine.

Yoga Reading is friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere is inclusive and it’s fun. It feels like a safe environment to develop the practice and build confidence.

The teaching is great and I like the variety of teachers/practice that are now being used However, I’m keen to see ashtanga yoga stay at the heart of Yoga Reading because I enjoy it the most The self-practice weeks and weekend workshops are fantastic and as much notice as possible is welcome (so I can organise my work diary around them)

Offering a high standard of teaching and enthusiastic environment. Interesting workshops.

Best teaching I’ve had, great updates/info and varied practices/classes.

I love the content of Yoga Reading classes. I love the atmosphere of the sessions