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This page is dedicated to the thoughts and ramblings of our teachers and the wider Yoga Reading community. Feel free to join in by commenting or emailing us directly. Happy reading!

Meet The Community – Viviane

How did you get into Yoga?  In 2016 I entered London Marathon. I was very keen to train well and most importantly to stave off injuries which is why I decided to combine running with yoga. I’m 100% convinced that yoga did just that by keeping my core strong and my...

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Transforming the health of your workplace

Our workforce and organisations are sick, depressed and stressed… According to the latest Government figures from the Labour Force Survey: The total number of cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety…was 488,000 cases. The total number of working days lost...

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Why Men Should do Yoga!

  The perception of yoga around the world is an interesting thing to ponder on. In some countries it is seen as an entirely female pursuit often inextricably linked with the hippy and relaxed stereotype of the type of person who might be interested in meditation...

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Mysore Self Practice Demystified!

Taking the plunge from your weekly Ashtanga class into Mysore Self Practice can be daunting. Once experienced, the beauty of the Mysore room can be felt for oneself but for some of us it can take many years to try it out for the first time. I'd therefore like to...

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Body Talk

It occurred to me recently, I am not very nice to myself at times. The way I criticise myself, my body, characteristics and how I contribute to society can be just plain mean. In my opinion I'm not 'beautiful enough' 'strong enough' 'kind enough'. All this negative...

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