Beginner’s Courses

In Studio Beginners Courses

We are passionate about our beginners’ courses. We have been teaching them for over 8 years. These courses are tried and tested and we are always adding to them to ensure we offer the best information and learning possible.

We will cover

  • Breath work – calming the mind and nervous system
  • Postures – flexibility, mobility. We use the Ashtanga Yoga system as a structure.
  • Strength – how to build a sustainable practice
  • Moving meditation – on breath and postures to help us feel fully absorbed and forget about our worries.

Learn in person at our lovely studio: Limited to 9 people for social distancing and to ensure you get all the attention you need to start your Yoga journey in the best way.

Cost: £95



Learn the basics of an enjoyable and sustainable yoga practice.
You will receive:

  • 6 live classes with your peers taught by an experienced teacher (more than 5 years’ experience)
  • Weekly emails with practice and technique videos
  • Focus on standing postures and breathing techniques.

Refine your practice

Now that you have the basics start to build on your understanding and practice to add some additional postures and refine what you’ve learnt in level 1.

We recommend that you complete Level 1 before joining level 2 if you’re not sure please



Thursday 8th JULY

In Studio Level 2


Pregnancy Yoga Course

6 Week Pregnancy Yoga Course (currently online)

Next Date: Saturday 19th June. 11:00am – 12:00pm

Price £95 

About the course and why we love to teach it
The aim of this course is to create a safe space for mums-to-be to learn how to breathe and how to consciously move in preparation for labour. Maximising their health and wellbeing during pregnancy.

We always teach how to ground and body connection, breathing techniques and guided meditations that can really help you during labour and beyond.

What’s Included
Weekly classes in a small group.

Teaching you how to move safely during pregnancy and what poses to avoid.

Breathing techniques and guided meditations.

Access to recorded classes and helpful tips!

Lorena has been teaching since 2015. She trained as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Lisa White in February 2019, 5 months after having her baby Ariana. Since then she has been teaching 1-2-1s and also teaching for Busylizzy since August 2019. She is a confident, deeply nurturing, caring and compassionate teacher, who uses her embodied knowledge to deliver highly tailored pregnancy yoga classes, suitable for all pregnancy trimesters. It is her deepest wish to guide future mums into nurturing practices she wishes she had whilst pregnant herself.

Meditation Course

Learn to Meditate – Online Course (Drop In, 4 Week or 6 Week blocks available) £7.50 / £25 / £35

About the course and why we love to teach it

This course is a great opportunity to experience a broad range of techniques which are derived from the universal teachings of Mindfulness, Vedic and Eastern/Western spiritual philosophies.

The aim is for you to leave this course with a strong foundation and a great start to your meditation journey. It will give you a deeper understanding of how to use these techniques safely and the valuable tools that you can use during your everyday life.

What’s included

  • What is meditation? Its origins.
  • Why meditate? The benefits.
  • A practical A to Z of how to prepare and get ready for meditation.
  • Movement/ breath work/ settling/ relaxation.
  • Dealing with struggles and distractions during meditation and relaxation.
  • How to find, build and develop your personal practice, and how to keep at it
  • Q&A and discussions


Lorena has completed many courses in meditation and mindfulness. She did a Vedic Meditation (aka Transcendental Meditation) course in 2016 and since then has been practicing and sharing her meditation knowledge. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of meditation practices and mindful living. She loves teaching this course as meditation has been a true life changer for her and she is passionate to share the techniques that she has learned from many different sources along the way.


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