How did you get into Yoga? 

In 2016 I entered London Marathon. I was very keen to train well and most importantly to stave off injuries which is why I decided to combine running with yoga. I’m 100% convinced that yoga did just that by keeping my core strong and my body flexible.

Why did you choose Ashtanga Yoga? 

What attracted me to Ashtanga in the first place was the constant flow of movement combined with an equal emphasis on strength and flexibility. Then I got to love how the “special” ujjayi breath gave a totally new dimension to my practice and my relationship to my body. Ashtanga is also a good fit to my personality.

What do you love most about Yoga Reading? 

The excellent, sound and accomplished teachers. The sense of being part of a community and the amazing atmosphere in all the classes; friendly, positive and respectful.

What advice would you give to anyone trying Yoga for the first time? 

To try different styles of yoga and different teachers. I think that finding the right teacher is key to learning what yoga is about and to give you the confidence to try and preserve and to discover what you never thought you could do.

Whats the best advice anyone has ever given you when it comes to practicing Yoga? 

To use my breath to work through difficult poses.

How has yoga helped you in your life?

I’m always looking for new experiences and yoga has opened a new dimension in my life. It gives me a positive focus for my mind and a beautiful way to stay well and healthy.